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Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving. Below are all the reviews we've received for Wessex Internet.

Overall Customer Ratings for Wessex Internet

  • Satisfaction
    4.4 stars
  • Customer Service
    4.4 stars
  • Speed
    4.3 stars
  • Reliability
    4.2 stars

Based on 54 customer ratings since 2015-06-11

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1 Customer Review for Wessex Internet

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Wessex Internet are great at communicating with you, until they have taken your money.

I had Wessex Internet install a dish on the 22nd of January to use their 'wireless' service. Since then the service has been completely below standard. The service offers poor latency, and the 50Mbps they promise is a complete lie (for reference, I have run 3 speed tests over the past half an hour through different services that have given me no higher than 4.9Mbps download speed (literally less than a tenth of what I'm paying for).

I have complained to Wessex Internet numerous times about the service, but all of my emails have been completely ignored.

If you are considering this service; don't. Save your money and go elsewhere with a more reliable and trustworthy company.
  • Customer Service
    2 stars
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